Day 29 / July 30, 2017 – Sault Ste Marie rest day

I seem to have a hard time with these rest days. It’s a balance between letting my body recover and the desire to explore. Today, the balance was shifted to exploration. I had good intentions of being recumbent for most of the day, but after a few hours of Kimmy Schmidt and RuPaul on Netflix, I was itching to get going. Last night, I described Sault Sainte Marie as a bustling metropolis after traveling through these tiny 100-person towns over the last week. By noon, I was ready to check out this metropolis and see what it had to offer.

Before I die…I’d like to complete this bike ride. A variety on answers and life goals on this chalk board.

I spent most of my day wandering along the Hub trail network and did an entire rectangle around the city. A big, big rectangle. So much for leg rest… I started on the east side and progressed through downtown. I didn’t time my visit particularly well – Sunday is not the ideal day to get the Soo experience. Most of the businesses along Queen Street were closed. I veered off to the waterfront trails and parks, which were busy with young families. I paused for lunch at the Vibe Eatery. It was the kind of place that had gluten-free products, cold-pressed cleansing juices, and an impromptu reiki session. I watched as one woman spent nearly $200 on a 5-day juice cleanse. I imagined her asking: “Will this ginger turmeric tincture purify my spleen?” I felt like a piece of Vancouver had been transplanted to Sault Sainte Marie. I spent most of the early afternoon reading and writing here while enjoying cauliflower-quinoa bites and a caramelized onion flatbread. To its credit, the food was delicious and the staff were super friendly. I felt like my spleen had been purified. I stayed and watched the local scenery – the shirtless painters outside – until they were done their work for the day.

Wandering around the downtown businesses on Queen Street.

The waterfront trail along St. Mary’s River.

Abandoned smoke stack by the waterfront.

Afternoon snack at the Vibe Eatery.

Wes thinks that I’m pulling a high pressure system with me as I’ve been cycling along. I think he may right… I headed out into the afternoon heat and full sun, aiming to return to the shelter of Fort Creek. I started to feel vampirish again (must…retreat…from…the…sun). Yesterday I had zoomed through Fort Creek on bike. Today, I took my time and enjoyed the shady conditions and views overlooking the creek and valley below. I returned home to the same amazing hospitality that I’ve enjoyed this whole weekend. Wes prepared a perfectly cooked steak, corn on the cob, and a green salad. I was a blob on the couch for the majority of the night while I was reintroduced to the addictive world of reality TV (thanks guys).

Threatening clouds on the horizon while passing along the waterfront.

Like Winnipeg, it will be hard to leave after having such a great time in the Soo. I’m going to sink into this mattress and have another deep sleep. I have some mechanical issues to be dealt with at the bike shop tomorrow. I’m aiming for Blind River, but will be at the mercy of the shop.¬†


Start time: 00:00

Finish time: 23:59

Riding time: 0 hours, 0 minutes

Distance: 0 km by bike

Total distance: 3867.98 km

Elevation gain: 0 meters

Total elevation: 18063 meters

Average speed: Snail pace

Number of spleens cleansed: 1


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